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Energetische waarneming en communicatie


In my practice I offer the following services: 

  • Intuitive coaching / massage
  • Healing and Reading: for relations, families, teams and companies

Where needed:

  • Healing and Reading at a distance
  • With techniques from older traditions
  • Aroma therapy
  • Gemstone therapy
  • Meditation 
  • Solarhealing
  • Reikitreatment; also at a distance
  • Energetically clean and purify your home and / or rooms
  • Soul retrieval; recalling blocked or lost energy (to the different aura layers).

My mission

How many sessions do you need?

My mission is to help you answer your question. 

In my energetic therapy I use my knowledge and expertise during my consultation with you.

The application of energy work is realized at heart level and my therapy is focused on the result.

Depending on your question, you can count on average three or four sessions that are necessary to work efficiently.

My advice is to ask your questions in advance so that I can quickly get to the heart of the matter with you. Then we start practically and purposefully.

Intuitive coaching / massage


The expansion of consciousness in order to better understand the inner information and to trust it. This gives you insight about what is going on in you. 

The intuitive massage is applied supportively where it is needed.


After I have tuned in on you, I capture images of your inner needs, desires and possibilities of your areas of life such as: relationships, work and possibly. setbacks.

From this situation it becomes clear how you get space in your life to further develop intuitive creativities and spiritual qualities. Energy work, in the form of guidance, is used effectively.

For whom

For everyone who needs to develop and / or expand their awareness.



To strengthen your free energy flow for better flow. This works effectively when releasing energy that flows less smoothly and is stuck. You become energetic, so you feel your peace of mind clearly.


Healing or healing someone means that you bring someone in closer contact with their highest creative essence. 

After energetically preparing and tuning to your energy field, as a healer I look at your energy bubble, centers (chakras), shapes and colors. 

In this energetic work form, I let healing energy flow through me from my hands. As a healer I act as a kind of catalyst for flowing, releasing and allowing energy.

For whom

For everyone who is interested in the awareness of his own energy system, chakras and spirituality.



Increase your life path and expand awareness.


Reading means tuning in, reading / observing, interpreting energy in general. 

In other words: capture images visually / mentally or at emotional level and convert them into a meaningful message. 


When giving a reading to you, I act as a sort of energetic and interpreting mirror that is kept for you. 

After interpreting the symbolic images, shapes and colors that I receive, you get information about your energetic state and answer to possibly. (life) issues. 

My main focus is: giving information about situations that are still in the unconscious with you. All this increases awareness.

After the reading, a short healing follows so that the information given to the person falls into place.

At rose / flower reading, I receive a rose or another flower as a symbol for a person. Reading rose / flower is a method in which I work with the power of the image and accompanying imagination as a source of knowledge.  

For whom

For anyone who wants answers to his (life) issues.

For anyone who wants to know what the obstacles are that prevent them from growing further in their work, relationship and other areas of life. 

For anyone who suffers from certain emotions; triggered by broken relationship, bereavement etc. 

For anyone who wants to know what steps to take to grow in the spiritual field. 

For anyone who wants to know what his life path is. 

For everyone who wants to know what steps to take to guide certain change process.



Feeding life energy to develop and promote a balanced way of life; both inner and outer.

The translation for this Japanese word "Reiki" is "Universal Life Energy".


Reiki is an effective whole method that supports other whole methods. Giving reiki relaxes body and mind, thereby promoting the self-healing ability of the recipient.  

By channeling this universal healing power of the client, true healing is accomplished. 

In a Reiki session I act as a channel of Reiki energy to bring healing through my hands. 

By opening up to high-frequency life energy, you become deeply relaxed. This causes the release of blockages on a physical, psychological and spiritual level.

For whom

For anyone who would like to come closer to his ideal personal life path.

For everyone who wants to improve their quality of life.

For everyone who is curious about the development of a reiki treatment.


Aroma therapy

Gemstone therapy



Aroma therapy is applied supportively where it is necessary to effect healing.


The nervous system is influenced and the formation of the antibodies promoted by means of delicious scents of the essential oils. 


Gemstone therapy is applied as a treatment method where it is needed.


The balance disturbance that is recognizable in the energy system is thus brought into balance.  


Practicing meditation (techniques) prevents diseases and supports energetic therapies.

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