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   To gain practical experience during my education, I have applied energy work to various people, including. 

"The truth is in you, you already know the answer", says Madeline. But you can not always: sometimes you are faced with a huge dilemma, you are at a crossroads and you do not know what is the best way to go. Madeline has helped me a number of times through healing and reading. It is very illuminating: things that you already knew, are confirmed and sometimes something comes to light that surprises or surprises you. Energy is smart!


Due to problems I have suffered from a lot of tension. Because of this I had also got stress, fatigue and muscle pain. I received several treatments but it did not help. Through acquaintances I was told that I can approach Madeline for an appointment to be healed. I have done that. I must say, that after the first treatment at Madeline, I already felt change. Through the healings I came to rest and could sleep better at night. The pain reduced my pain. I felt less stressed and I became happier so I had more energy to carry out my daily work.


Good experience! I had aurareading and healing done by Madeline a few times. Usually when I was looking for answers to questions, physically or mentally I was not so comfortable in my skin. The reading helped me to provide insight into my blockades. And in my opinion the healing contributes to the healing process and my general well-being. In addition, such a session is extremely relaxing.


I have received a healing several times at a distance and I have experienced that as super positive. The day after the healing I was asked how I had experienced it and I had to think very deeply about what it was about. I could not remember what the reason was that I needed the healing. I seemed to be reset.


I have had a tendon inflammation on my right shoulder. I have been treated remotely by Madeline by healing. It went better and better. When I was in the Netherlands, I was personally sanctified. Super, I felt the warmth and energy flowing through my shoulder and my entire body. Pain in the shoulder became less and less. After a few days I felt no pain in the shoulder.


During her sessions, Madeline translates unconscious and half-conscious feelings into concrete images and insights. Her energy work has helped me to take the right steps in your personal development.


Madline can help you remotely, feel energy, see and interpret. A stepping stone to gain insight into 'standing things' and also what steps to take to remove these blockages.

Sally (from California)

After a lot of headache complaints and tried everything, I ended up at Madline. At the first meeting I immediately felt at ease. She listened to my story and she already had an idea where these complaints came from. By means of Healing sessions, my headache has certainly decreased by 80%. Other physical complaints have also virtually disappeared. I have more energy so that I can pick up my daily activities again. I am very satisfied!.


I had always been quite skeptical about it. Energy, healing and remote treatment? my wife's niece had it more often. I decided to take it once. We are now almost 2 years later and have a very strong relationship with Maddy. The visits to this woman have convinced me that there is more than just living. My headache caused by stress and work pressure can be prevented.


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