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About Me

As a young child, I was different from my brothers and sisters at home and was full of profound questions. I was imaginative and dreamed a lot while I was awake. From my premonition I could often tell my mother when acquaintances, friends and / or family members would come to visit. 

As I got older my interest in spirituality increased. I immersed myself in different spiritual movements in our society, because there was no clear answer to one and the same question.

During my busy years in business and education, I responded to the intuitive invitation to increase my awareness.

In the spiritual field, I have developed further to work in a practical and focused manner with energy in a way that suits who I am, what I want and what I can do.

The development of consciousness is one of the most important possibilities to get closer to yourself and your essence. This gives you easier access to your inner source of energy and wisdom.

During my years of my life I attended various courses and workshops, completed training courses and gained practical experience. Meanwhile, I have established my practice and would like to welcome you. 

Followed educations and courses

  • Course Intuitive Development

Certified at the Mens and intuition training institute in Amsterdam.

  • Training Healing

Certificate obtained at the Mens and Intuition training institute in Amsterdam.

  • Reiki 1 and 2

Certificate obtained from Usui Master Gerard Kogelman in Amsterdam.


  • Education and Training in energy work Healing / Reading and also based on the Inka tradition

Cerificate obtained at INEEN in Amsterdam. This training was founded by Margo Kistemaker, energetic and body-oriented psychologist, healer-reader and energy worker on the Andespad. 


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