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Welcome to website www.energiepraktijkmaddy.nl. Be free to take note of the energy work that I have to offer.

A tree takes up at least as much space under the ground as above. I use this as a metaphor for our consciousness. We too have as much, and even more energy, in the unconscious part of our brains than in the conscious. 

By opening yourself to know your unconscious and using its potential, you come into contact with yourself and your Higher Self (your cosmic source) and with your earth source of energy. This connection ensures that you take your own unique place in the world of living energy.

Being in touch with the hidden layers of yourself comes beneficial instruction and directions to you through your intuition. In this way you suddenly find out what you live on on this earth and what your life path is.

This guideline gives me a handle to work with energy, intention and intuition for the spiritual development of fellow human beings who are open to this. 

In this way I increasingly express my passion for serving my fellow man, helping to be energetically in balance, to bring the unconscious up and grow on the spiritual path. For this I use the techniques reading, healing and meditation and welcome you in my practice.

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